Tuesday, November 8, 2011

NEW Snowman Printable Party Collection

Holiday time is here, which means Christmas is coming...YIPPIE. I am very excited to share my new holiday printable party. I wanted it to be wintery but I wanted it to also not be exclusively Christmas "themed". I loved it while I was creating it but I love it more now that I have taken the pictures. I created the set in two color schemes; blue/grey and red/green. I love that the blue/grey can be both elegant and fun depending on your mood. I love the classic Christmas look of the red/green set as well.

This set includes everything you need to make a beautiful holiday party...including a Fill-In Invitation!

Set is available here for $14

Also available in red and green!

Available here for $14

If you would like to customize things further a Personalized invitation is also available for $5

Let It Snow!!

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