Monday, May 7, 2012

Around The Shop: New Car Smell!

I love being busy with fun orders from my awesome customers, it makes me so happy to make peoples party visions come to light. I would gladly stay up till 12 am working (up at 5am bed at 12 or 12:30am has been my routine this last couple of weeks) because I truly love it! At the same time lots of things fall by the wayside. So it was nice this weekend to have a little downtime...I finally cleaned out my car (WAY overdue) and I was able to work on some new items and clean up the shop a bit.

So heres whats cookin around With Envy Parties this week:

1) Its nearing the end of the school year, time to start thinking about gifts for your kiddo's teachers. I created some fun treat bag toppers to go with your treats for that special teacher.

Teacher's Appreciation Gifts Available HERE

2) I finally added some new patterns and updated the available colors (I am still happy to customize to your party decor). I have done several custom color schemes so I added some of those colors to the palette.

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