Monday, September 10, 2012

Pipe Dreams

The last few days at work I have really realized how much I hate being "new". Its one of those things where I just wish I knew what I don't know already. On days like that I tend to daydream about what it would be like to work for myself....

Now I live in reality and the idea of actually having my shops be my main source of income has been a "pipe dream". See I actually really like my day job, its a ton less stressful (most of the time) than my previous job and I get to be challenged during the day but I can leave it at work and be totally present for my kiddos. Also I am a girl that likes stability...I like knowing exactly what I am getting each paycheck (especially the idea that I will be getting a guaranteed paycheck every month).

The income I get from my Etsy shops is super helpful to pay for the surprises that come up or to get us closer to getting ride of student loan debts and such. But it is by no means consistent or something I could live off of right now.

But one day last week I sat down and just decided to do the numbers for fun. I took my best selling item from my party shop and figured out I would have to sell between 800+ a month to equal my gross monthly wage. It was interesting seeing an actual number...even though its a big number and I am no where near that now, it made it actually seem possible somewhere down the line. It made it something for me to strive for...unexpected motion.

Maybe working for myself isn't such a pipe dream after all :)

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