Monday, October 22, 2012

SILLY SOCK PARTY aka photo bomb!!!

Its that time of year again...birthday time! And this year I have two little munchkin's birthdays. My kids birthdays are 1 month and 2 days apart. So since my parents come out to see us in October, I decided on a joint birthday party in between their actual birth dates. 

This year was also the first year I invited kids from my daughter's class. I usually just invite family and then a few of my friends have kids around her age. In total we had 12 kids in the house!!! I was super nervous but it turned out to be a wonderful time!!!

It all started with the theme and invite....I figure its probably the last year I'll be able to do a none character theme birthday for my daughter. We are big on fun socks and holiday socks so I thought a silly sock party would be perfect!

And of course the birthday girl and boy! (I couldn't get a good one of my little guy with his socks and ribbon, he was overwhelmed and tired and didn't want to cooperate with a photo...this one is him after cake)

The Dollar Tree was my best friend when it came to decorating! I was able to get a ton of cute fun socks for cheap! I used them in the decor and for party favors. And the best part is now my daughter has a crap ton of socks to wear! 

I created this for the food table back drop! I LOVE how it turned out and it was super easy...just white socks tacked to two pieces of foam board...just what I envisioned! 

We did simple foods this year as well. We didn't even bake anything. So much less stress and everything was yummy!

 These awesome fondant cupcake toppers were designed by Beth with Your Cupcake Story. I LOVE LOVE how they turned out, I just wish I was able to get better shots of them and the ones that were on the kids individual cakes. I bought the tye-dyed cakes at Walmart. They fit the color scheme and they were a good size for individual cakes.

Oh and of course the SILLY SOCKS!!! All the kids came in some super cute socks, I was so excited. Only wish I got a better pic but its hard trying to direct several 3-4 year olds would rather play and eat than pose for a pic :)

My daughter picked out all the socks for the fam...we did an argyle theme to tie into the argyle from the invite. It took a few pics to get us all in!

My amazing mother made these cute little sock monkeys for party favors along with a pair of fun socks. I actually think the traditional sock monkey is creepy looking but I loved how these little guys turned out!

Sign of a successful party...the littlest one ran out of stem even before the party was over but he did manage to open his presents, stuff his face with cake and play a little. My daughter announced after opening presents that it was time for everyone to leave (she really wanted to play with all her toys). After the party was over and we were just cleaning, we found her playing quietly with her new mini sweet!!
I have to say it was the best birthday party we've had. I always have these grand ideas and I would love to be able to create a party that is featured on the popular party blogs and have fab professional photos but that never seems to happen. But instead I get so wrapped up in having fun with the munchkins that I generally forget to capture it all :)

I hope you have enjoyed my photo bomb:)

Invite and Printables: With Envy Parties
Fondant Cupcake Toppers: Your Cupcake Story
Cake/Cupcakes: Walmart
Party Food: Costco
Sock Monkey Tutorial: Craft Passion

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