Monday, July 1, 2013

What I Learned...

Today is the first day of July and I have one month under my belt of being self-employed. It has been a month of daily self reflection on my decision also really learning about myself and what I need to do to allow this business to continue to grow.

I tend to be a person that reflects more on the negatives rather than celebrating the positives.So I am making a real effort to stay positive. I'm trying to cut myself some slack and realize that I can't make it all happen overnight.

Here is what I've learned this last month:

1)I need lists, detailed lists of my goals and what actions will help me achieve those goals. I need daily lists to feel like I am making progress

2) This is hard.

3) A calendar is a MUST. I need to schedule my whole day, even the regular non-work related things so I keep on track.

4) It's going to be a long time before I stop second guessing myself and each day I will going back and forth between feeling like a failure and feeling like a rock star.

5) This is very hard.

6) Now that I don't have a pesky day job getting the way there still is not enough time in the day.

7) You can make it on 4.5 hours of sleep...for a day or so and then inevitably you will fall asleep at random moments (on the couch playing with the kids or watching tv, or sitting up in bed working...seriously my hubs has found me eyes closed, head to the side, but hands still on the keyboard).

8) Pandora is my new BFF...what could be better, I get to listen to great music, it puts me in the creative zone and it doesn't distract me (well sometimes it does because seriously you know there are those songs that you just have to stop what you are doing and belt them out as if you can carry a tune...aka any early mariah carey songs!)

8) This is the hardest, scariest thing I've ever thought of doing...and I'm doing it.


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