Friday, May 4, 2012

I Feel Like A Woman!

I have a list I keep...its kind of a weird list but I thought I might let you guys into a little of my weirdness :)

My list is things I think will help me be a better woman. No not better woman as in a better person. No I mean a better woman as opposed to grubby slob.

I see lots of woman during my day that look so put together. They have matching, grown up outfits with nicely done hair. Everything coordinates without looking forced. I strive to be one of those women one day. I'm not a high maintenance kind of girl but I wouldn't consider myself a slob either. But really most days I'm lucky to have clothes that aren't wrinkled...whether they match is really secondary :) I love comfy clothes and most weekends I have on jeans, yoga pants, t-shirt or a sweatshirt. But now that I have a job where I have to wear business casual I really need to pull it together. Some things on my list that I think will help and that I'm slowly working on...

Source: via Tyler on Pinterest

1) Wearing more jewelry...I generally wear silver hoops and my wedding ring and thats about it. I don't really own a lot of jewelry. I always feel like things look great on people but when I put them on myself it just seems like too much to me...maybe because I don't wear jewelry it will just feel that way until I get use to it.

2)Doing my hair every day. My general hairstyle is pulled back with a hair clip. I might wear my hair down once maybe twice a week. Time in the morning is lacking and I hate doing my hair...really not a good combo. This results in my current hairstyle. I really need to cut my hair but thats been on the list for several months and it hasn't happened.

3)Skirts! I use to wear skirts but I haven't wore one in like 3 years.

4)Painting my nails regularly...having painted nails always makes me feel girly :)

5)Pajama sets...I love pajamas but I don't really wear them. I normally sleep in pj pants and an old t-shirt. The only time I actually buy pjs for myself is before Christmas.

I hope to be well on my way to womanhood by summers end :) Thanks for taking a trip into my weird head...hope it doesn't creep you out too much!!

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