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Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Around The Shop

I've been busy with orders and trying to plan our short vaca to Seattle among my normal stuff but just a few stuff going on around the shop to point out...

1) August 1-5 With Envy Parties will be open but I won't be processing orders received during that time until August 6th. So if you need something make sure to get it in by August 1st.

2) I think I have decided what I want to sell in With Envy Paper. I am planning to re-open on August 6th..fingers crossed. I have a few new items I want to list and I want to try and take new pictures of some of the other items.

3) And the best part is....

Check out the shop or this blog for the specific discount. 

That's all folks...HAPPY MONDAY!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fun Facts: It's Not Easy Being Green

I don't know when it happened but some where between college and grad school I became obsessed with the color green! Its kind of concerning the level of my obsession, how excited I get down to my core when I see green things.

The other day I went to by running shoes. I had a set amount I was willing to spend and I had a pair all picked out and then a little section of shoes caught my eye. 3 pairs of shoes with green in them!!

Unfortunately, one was a pair of trail running shoes and I don't run on trails, one was too expensive and one didn't come in my size. So why did I stand in the store for 20 more minutes trying to decided if I really wanted to spend more than I could really afford to have green running shoes. 

I have a green coat, a green coffee cups, green water bottles, I would prefer to write with green pens but they suck when having to photo copy...I don't have a green car but not for lack of trying! 

It really is disturbing...but I refuse to change!!

Now take a few secs to bask in the beauty of green :)

 Whats your favorite color? 

Pic Credit: 1,2,3,4,5

Monday, July 16, 2012

Have I Arrived Yet?

When I first joined the etsy community by opening Green With Envy Studios there were several shops I considered teh "it" shops in my area. I strive to have the success they did. I will admit I had unrealistic expecttions in the beginning but one of my main longterm goals was to have at least 100 sales by my first year anniversary.

Well that didn't happen...I got there a few months after but I did feel like at least my business was picking up and I was happy with the direction. Then my computer died and so did my motivation (I blame being in the first trimester of pregnancy trying to stay awake, work my stressful day job and chase a 2 y/o around).

When I finally reopened with my new shops I had more realistic expectatiosn. I still had my "it" shops and I had list of not necassrily goals but certain things I felt like if I reached then I would feel like I had arrived as a party designer.

But its funny I was thinking about it the other day and I have had way more success this first year than I anticipated. I surpassed my 100 sales in the first year goal, my products were on TV and I am loving every minute of what I do. But I still don't have that "I've arrive" feeling, I still feel very new.

Then I started to wonder will I ever have that feeling. I know we all continue to have goals as we cross things off the list more come in to replace those.

I wonder if the "it" shop owners feel like they have arrived?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fun Fact: Whats In A Name

Happy Friday everyone!

We ha to get new internet so I wasn't able to blog for a few days but I'm back in business!

I thought I would try something fun...every Friday I will share a fun tidbit about me an hopefully you'll get to see a little about the girl behind the shop!

In 7th grade we did a project researching the origins of our name. I have a unique first name but I never asked my mom where she got the name from. 

I knew my brother was named after my dad, my sister was named after a woman who was like a second mother to her, and where did I get my name??....

yeah thats right The Price Is Right!!! My mom told me it was her fav show when she was preggo with me and there was a spokes model named Anitra and she really liked that name.

When my mom told me I thought she was lying so I would have a neat story for class, but then several years later I was watching an anniversary special and they had a clip with her on it...Anitria Ford!!

At least she was attractive :)

Who were you named after?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Recovery :)

I was very excited for the 4th of July this year. Mainly because since starting my new job I have a renewed excitement for getting out and doing stuff. We live like an hour to 2 hours away from the beach but have yet to take the kids. So we decided July 4th would be great because its always sunny and warm.

I was a little bummed with it being the middle of the week so I knew Thursday would be rough, but seriously come Tuesday midday I could not wait for a day off mid week :)

We had a great time at the beach. Several times during the day I remember thinking how lucky I am to have such a great little family...not perfect by any means but just right!

We planned to come home, bbq then go downtown for the fireworks show. But the big munchkin was too scared of the loud neighborhood fireworks so we decided against the original plan. Instead she still stayed up way past her bedtime and watched the Macy's fireworks on TV and saw the awesome (and illegal) fireworks from the various little neighborhoods around our house....those went on forever but were so awesome...and we didn't have to leave my bed (thank you house with ginormous windows!).

Getting up for my run was ROUGH but I did it and now to make through the day at work. But I wouldn't trade it for anything!!

Here are some shots from the beach trip:

Trying to get a good pic
She posed herself...little miss sass

Love the drive!

She loved the beach
He enjoyed eating the sand...then vomiting all over an hour later!
Me and the little munchkin

Crazy yummy lunch...little munchkin's hand trying to get it :)

 How was your fourth?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Around the Shop!

I guess I just don't know when to say when with this blog.

Every month I think ok I'm just going to let it go and just do updates on Facebook unless I want to say something more long winded. But then I just keep coming back. I think it's because I really like reading other people's blogs and I was good at my personal blog for a while and I can't accept defeat :)

So I'm at it again...(at least I'm consistent on Facebook...I have faith I will be hear too at some point)

Here is what is happening around the shop(s):
  • New items coming soon
    • Monkey & butterfly Party Invitation
    • Superhero coordinating party items
    • Picnic Party

And remember if you have purchased from With Envy Parties, I would love if you could send pictures of your event and my products "in action". As a "thank you" I will offer 25% off your next purchase!

Check out some pictures sent in by my wonderful customers HERE!

Happy Monday!