Monday, July 16, 2012

Have I Arrived Yet?

When I first joined the etsy community by opening Green With Envy Studios there were several shops I considered teh "it" shops in my area. I strive to have the success they did. I will admit I had unrealistic expecttions in the beginning but one of my main longterm goals was to have at least 100 sales by my first year anniversary.

Well that didn't happen...I got there a few months after but I did feel like at least my business was picking up and I was happy with the direction. Then my computer died and so did my motivation (I blame being in the first trimester of pregnancy trying to stay awake, work my stressful day job and chase a 2 y/o around).

When I finally reopened with my new shops I had more realistic expectatiosn. I still had my "it" shops and I had list of not necassrily goals but certain things I felt like if I reached then I would feel like I had arrived as a party designer.

But its funny I was thinking about it the other day and I have had way more success this first year than I anticipated. I surpassed my 100 sales in the first year goal, my products were on TV and I am loving every minute of what I do. But I still don't have that "I've arrive" feeling, I still feel very new.

Then I started to wonder will I ever have that feeling. I know we all continue to have goals as we cross things off the list more come in to replace those.

I wonder if the "it" shop owners feel like they have arrived?

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