Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Fun Facts: It's Not Easy Being Green

I don't know when it happened but some where between college and grad school I became obsessed with the color green! Its kind of concerning the level of my obsession, how excited I get down to my core when I see green things.

The other day I went to by running shoes. I had a set amount I was willing to spend and I had a pair all picked out and then a little section of shoes caught my eye. 3 pairs of shoes with green in them!!

Unfortunately, one was a pair of trail running shoes and I don't run on trails, one was too expensive and one didn't come in my size. So why did I stand in the store for 20 more minutes trying to decided if I really wanted to spend more than I could really afford to have green running shoes. 

I have a green coat, a green coffee cups, green water bottles, I would prefer to write with green pens but they suck when having to photo copy...I don't have a green car but not for lack of trying! 

It really is disturbing...but I refuse to change!!

Now take a few secs to bask in the beauty of green :)

 Whats your favorite color? 

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