Tuesday, September 22, 2015

DIY: Patterned Pumpkin Banner

If you know me in real life you know I always have big intentions when it comes to craft projects. But usually my intentions are bigger than my available time, ability or attention span. But I'm trying to turn over a new leaf where I am still crafty but in a more realistic way :)

I made this patterned pumpkin banner to add a little fall decor to the house. I got the idea from one of my daughter's old school color projects of a pumpkin made from 3 circles. Its easy, takes minimal supplies, doesn't take too long and is pretty versatile. I made this banner with Fall in mind but you can switch up the papers and do a Halloween theme.

+Scrapbook Paper 
-You can use scrapbook paper from your local craft store or digital scrapbook paper you print on your printer (I am using a few sheets from my Fall Leaves & Trees digital scrapbook paper set*)
+Oval template
-I used a thick oval coaster we had lying around the house. Just remember size of the oval will impact the size of the whole pumpkin. My template is approx 4.5"x3.5”.
-you can use yarn or string as well
+Pencil (not pictured)

How To:
Before you begin you might want to figure out how many patterns you want for each pumpkin and how you want to arrange your pumpkin. This will help you make sure you cut enough ovals of each pattern
Step 1:
Use you oval template and trace the ovals onto scrapbook paper. Cut out the oval scrapbook pieces.

Step 2:
For each pumpkin take what will be the two ends/sides of the pumpkin and glue them together. It works best to over lap your two sides some. Let dry.

Step 3:
For each pumpkin glue the oval that will be the middle of your pumpkin, down in the middle of the two end pieces. Let dry.

Step 4:
Make the stems. I chose to freehand a stem for each pumpkin but you can cut out a simple rectangle stem to fit your pumpkin. Cut out the stem and glue it to the pumpkin (I glued the pumpkin on top of the stem). Let dry.

Step 5:
When the pumpkins have dried, punch a hole in the top of the stems.** Thread ribbon through the holes for each pumpkin. Make sure to leave enough ribbon on the ends for hangng.

Step 6:
Hang banner in desired area and you are DONE!!

I hope you find this easy and fun!!

*If you are wanting to use digital scrapbook paper you can easily just print out a a sheet on your printer. I took a 12x12 JPEG page and just printed it out 8.5"x11" paper (most printers will adjust for the size of paper you are using). My printer prints to the edge so there isn't a white border but even if yours doesn't its fine since you will be cutting the paper up anyway. 

**Depending on how big your banner is you may want to punch one hole on each side of the stem (or one hole on each side of the top of the pumpkin). This will help prevent the pumpkins from turning sideways while hanging. My banner was small and in a small space so the pumpkins didn't turn on me.
Other Ways to Use the pumpkins:
+You can nix the hole punch and attach the pumpkin to a wooden dowel and stick in a fall flower centerpiece
+You can nix the hole punch and glue the whole punch on a sheet of cardstock (patterned or solid) and stick in a frame for quick fall d├ęcor
+You can hang the individual pumpkins from ribbon in windows or from branches in floral arrangements.

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