Thursday, October 1, 2015

Spider Treat Roundup!

I have a love of holidays and Halloween is one of my favorites.

This month since my kiddo brings her lunch to school I'm planning to do a Halloween themed lunch, 1 day a week (I think that is all I can realistically handle). I am sharing my top favorite spider themed ideas from Pinterest below.

I love this idea for my daughter's lunch (minus the peanut butter). My daughter's favorite thing is a jelly sandwich...seriously if you don't count desserts she would be content with a jelly sandwich for lunch everyday. This one is going to be included in her first Halloween themed lunch tomorrow.

As much as I love crafts and food, I really need easy things or else I'm less likely to do theme. I love this idea because we all LOVE mini donuts in this house and I could easily whip these up for breakfast with little mess left over.

I included this one as a healthier options (so jealous of you parents that have kids who will green things). Its so adorable and cute food is just better food!

For more fun spider themed foods checkout my Pinterest board!

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