Thursday, April 12, 2012

Update Time

I thought I would pop in and do a little updating:
  • Because I am super indecisive and wishy/washy I think I am going to give this regular blogging thing a try...AGAIN :) Since I started my new job my energy level is different and I think I may be able to focus and plan better. We will see how it goes.

  • I closed With Envy Paper for a few days and have opened back up. I have been fluctuating back and forth about what to do with my paper shop. I have had great success with both my party and paper shop (well more so than I thought I would this fast). But the reality is I enjoy my party shop more because I get the fun of creating things for customers without the added worry of actually printing/shipping. I toyed with the idea of just offering my paper items as printables but I realized that probably wouldn't work well with certain items. So I've decided to continue offering placemats and melamine plates as normal. I will continue to offer bookplates and notepads as they are my best sellers. I will also be offering bookplates as printables too and prints as printables only. I'm going to try and add more printable items to the shop too. 

  • Along those lines I have decided to discontinue my note cards. I love creating note cards and think I have some really cute designs. That being said, they haven't really sold well and to be perfectly honest out of everything I sell, that would be the one thing I wouldn't buy. I don't generally write notes unless they are thank you notes and I'm horrible at doing that timely. Once my husband asked me what the note cards were and why people would even buy them. I was offended at first because I took it as a criticism of my shop ( I can be overly sensitive sometimes). But I had to finally admit to myself that since opening my original shop I have thought the same thing. So I decided to stop selling them and focus more items I would actually purchase and enjoy creating. 
So I hope you stick with me or at least pop in every now and again to see whats new!

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