Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Around the Shop!

I guess I just don't know when to say when with this blog.

Every month I think ok I'm just going to let it go and just do updates on Facebook unless I want to say something more long winded. But then I just keep coming back. I think it's because I really like reading other people's blogs and I was good at my personal blog for a while and I can't accept defeat :)

So I'm at it again...(at least I'm consistent on Facebook...I have faith I will be hear too at some point)

Here is what is happening around the shop(s):
  • New items coming soon
    • Monkey & butterfly Party Invitation
    • Superhero coordinating party items
    • Picnic Party

And remember if you have purchased from With Envy Parties, I would love if you could send pictures of your event and my products "in action". As a "thank you" I will offer 25% off your next purchase!

Check out some pictures sent in by my wonderful customers HERE!

Happy Monday!

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