Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yippie For September!!!

Welcome September! As much as I feel like it's taken forever for you to get here, I also feel like time is flying by. September brings many great things... if you ask me it brings a new little munchkin around the house, another year married, time off from my day job, my mom coming to stay for a while, birthdays and hopefully new opportunities. If you ask my husband, it brings a new phone :)

With that in mind I do plan on making some slight changes to the both shops. I don't plan on closing With Envy Parties for maternity leave. This is my second and since my items are digital/printables it doesn't really take too much adjusting to get things done (I hope). But I will be adjusting my shipping times until I know what my baby schedule will be. I am still open to rush jobs, but please contact me before ordering. I am thinking about declining any custom work until after the baby comes though.

As far as With Envy Paper goes, I will be honest, I have not been putting as much energy there. But there are reasons for that. There are so many new products and items I am working on but realistically I won't be launching them until after the baby comes. I opened With Envy Paper early because I am an impatient person, but I'm not putting too much pressure on myself to really promote it until I get the new stuff in  and take some new photos of the old stuff. So with that said I will be closing that shop until the baby comes, because I am nervous about being able to actually ship items on a time schedule when I really have no idea when this little monster will make his debut. But I guarantee once it opens back up there will be lots of new stuff!

I offered two Freebies in August and did not have anything planned for September (there will be lots of holiday freebies coming). But I'm trying to figure out something good to offer. Suggestions are welcomes!!

Don't forget to check out the Freebie sections for past Freebies!

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