Monday, September 30, 2013

Update Update Updates

Ahhh Monday, the start of a new week, and almost a new month!!

I wanted to drop in and update you on some new things and what I have in the works (if I stay on track that is). 

With Envy Parties
1)By the end of the week I should be offering PRINTED invitations. Yippee!!! I have wanted to do this for a while but was just trying to figure out the best way. 
2)Hopefully by the end of October if not mid October I will be offering printed water bottle labels.That will complete the PRINTED offerings in the shop. 
3)Working on updating my listings to include PRINTING as a option versus having to purchase a separate listing.
4)Working on adding coordinate items to match the current invitations I have. I am starting with my most popular invitations or themes first. If there is a current theme you want me to work on let me know!
5)Adding a few other items available for full customization

With Envy Paper
1)Still working on adding inventory. 
2)Adding Fall and Holiday items
3)Adding banners and journal tags to the shop
4)Working on offering coordinating items for my clipart packs (I don't think I will do it for all but will try for most)

With Envy Babies
1)Increasing inventory
2)Adding more sibling designs
3)Adding more holiday shirt designs


For all the shops as a whole I am working on getting my own site up and running. My goal is by the beginning of 2014 to have picked a webhost and actually make the site fully available. I have a host picked out but I don't hav a ton of time to work on it right now. Plus I have a few questions that I need to get answered before I hit the "purchase" button. But I am excited to possible have all my sites in one. But I will still be on Etsy for a long time!! I like Etsy and I know it will be the bulk of y business but I like the idea of having a site of my own too. 

Also side note...I am sooo glad that I made the decision to branch out from my party shop and offer clipart as well. Not only do I have a ton of fun creating items but this past month my clipart shop has really help fill in the gap after a less profitable month for my party shop so in the end I still stayed on target revenue wise. 

Ok that's it for updates but make sure you check back tomorrow...a new month means a NEW COLOR CHALLENGE (aka cool new products and FREEBIES)!!!

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