Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting Some Satisfaction!

I think I seriously have an issue with being satisfied with things. I love the idea of personalization and customization simply because I always find things in stores I like but there is just one or two things I want changed. So I really love to provide the opportunity to really customize everything about my products. But ever since I open I have been second guessing how I have things listed. I initially was going to list complete party sets and then list everything separately too into their own listed. I initially scraped that idea as I felt it would take forever and there would be a ton of listings as there are like 20 items per party set.

So I then decided to list full party sets and then have one "ala carte" listing for the items in the party set and you just pick from the full set and provide all of that information. I decided that was too difficult and the listing was just asking for too much information and wasn't very user friendly. So I went back to my idea of listing each item for each party set separately which is a pain in the but. But as I was doing that I always struggle with how to get all the information I need to create a proof without the listing being to complication. Which is hard when there are soooo many options.

I also have been struggling because before I closed Green With Envy Studios, I really liked how my pictures were coming out and what I was offering and I felt the look of my shop was really representative of me.

I had started to offer customizable party items in that shop and I really like the look of the pictures. I was not as happy with the look of my current shop.

So in typical me fashion I revamped everything. I really want people to realize from the pictures that everything is customizable, which is something I don't think they are getting from my current set up. Needless to say I am in LOVE with the look of the shop!!!

I think the pictures match my banner better and it just makes me happy to see the rainbow of colors! I still have a a few more items to list for my Stuck In The Middle Collection and then I will list the Ribbon version of all the items. Once thats done I can move on to my ginormous today list (for the shop and for baby).

Happy Monday!!

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